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Active Holidays in Val di Fassa

Struggle, climb a mountain, walk for hours and hours, then on to enchanted places, away from it all, where the senses are the peace and you feel good!”

The crisp mountain air and heralds a fresh day full of life and your body will respond positively to the message of nature. The movement is health and food for the soul.

You will feel on top of your forces and not only because of the altitude, but also for the fact that the desire to move is higher in the mountains.

And it could not be: to conquer peaks, lakes surrounded by forests, ancient mountain huts invite to a snack of high altitude and black bread with bacon, cheese and milk in the hut.

No need to be extreme sports to enjoy an active holiday in Val di Fassa in this paradise, you just have the urge to come and discover the Hotel Rosengarten Vigo di Fassa.