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Challenge yourself with breath-taking routes that are entirely downhill.

The new discipline for thrill seekers and adrenalin hunters.

Downhill in Val di Fassa too

Gravity killers, that’s what downhill cyclists are called. Totally protected with a helmet, back protection, glasses and padded clothing, a mountain bike with excellent brakes and incredible suspension: this is the equipment needed to defy the force of gravity and nature’s obstacles!

How does downhill work?

With all the necessary equipment, take the lift up to the mountain and from there descend to the valley through forests, meadows and paths, don’t be scared to follow the route wherever it takes you.
Cross rivers, take exciting footbridges and curves; jump the stones and trunks that block the path: this is downhill!

Equipment can be rented from the shops near the lift.

Who can practice Downhill in Val di Fassa?

Downhill is an adrenaline sport and only for the very bravest but, in Val di Fassa, everybody can have a go thanks to tracks of varying difficulty.
Initially go out with an instructor from the Fassa Bike Sports Association until you’ve learnt the technique, then you can indulge yourself: watch out for trees though!