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Not sure what to pack? What will you need? The sweater or jacket, paile or gloves ??? Well, we’ll take care of you! Here is a small list of things to remember.

You have to know that the weather in the mountains is a bit foolish, it changes year by year and the temperature can vary every day.

We advise you to bring for your walks

  • trekking or track pants, the most comfortable are the pants that can be shortened through the zipper in the middle of the leg, so if you get cold in the morning you are covered, and if you are hot and it’s sunny at midday, you can take a piece off and get some tan;
  • two breathable t-shirts, so that you have a spare if you made too much effort, so once you reach the goal, you don’t get a cold;
  • a sweater and a pullover, so in the morning you can choose which one to wear;
  • a raincoat;
  • tall or low boots, it’s important that they hold the ankle firmly and are comfortable for walking.

In the backpack

  • water or energy drinks, sweetened beverages are not very suitable because they do not satisfy thirst;
  • chocolate or candy to restore energy when needed;
  • lunch with sandwiches and fruit or to stop at a nice retreat;
  • bandaids, gauze, disinfectant;
  • a map, you can find it at the hotel upon your arrival;
  • if you go on a trip with a destination at high altitude, it is good to have a hat and gloves;
  • sticks, for a more comfortable walk and to move the arm muscles, not only the legs.

In the evening, the temperature is normally between 15 and 20 degrees, so we advise you to bring both light things and things that are a bit warmer in case it is a bit cold or the weather is bad.