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The garden

“Mother Earth gives us ripe fruit and sweet-smelling flowers, nature surrounds us and gives us beautiful landscapes in the most beautiful colours that change with the alternation of seasons making them so very unique.”

Despite being in the centre of Vigo di Fassa, Hotel Catinaccio is surrounded by green. The garden in front of the hotel with its small lake, offers the opportunity to spend special moments with those you love, or simply to be alone, read a book or sunbathe on the comfortable beds. In the small lake you can refresh your feet, and on the swing you can rock back and forth and feel the cool breeze caress you.
You can pay a visit to the botanical garden with aromatic herbs and over 40 varieties of plants: medicinal, small fruits, aromatic and ornamental.
In winter, from the window of the lounge you can see the pure white snow that settles and covers the garden like a fluffy blanket, and why not…throw snow balls or make a snowman!