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Submerge yourself in warm water, feel yourself floating towards the sky


Hydromassage is a real source of wellness, for the mind as well as the body. In fact the pressure of the massage causes the release of endorphins, which stimulate nerve fibres to generate a sensation of authentic pleasure and relaxation.

The most effective way to rejuvenate body and mind: treat yourself to a hydromassage.

The effects of hydromassage

The bubbles of air and flow of water compress and decompress the tissues, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation. Your legs will be lighter and less swollen, while that dreaded cellulite is reduced thanks to the massaging pressure of the water which aids in draining liquids.

Hydromassage possesses many other virtues thanks to the possibility of concentrating the jet of water on specific parts of the body: it tones, combats obesity and problems connected to the use of oral contraceptives, reduces stress and sexual fatigue, it tackles rheumatism, arthritis, gout, respiratory system fatigue and insomnia.

What is more, your skin benefits from the relaxing massage of the water which tones, smooths and relaxes it, while the stress will progressively leave your body as it regains strength.