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You will feel a sensation of lightness when enveloped in steam and essence of mountain pine.

Steam bath

This treatment takes place in a high humidity room, which creates the presence of a thick, warm fog.
The temperature is usually staggered, starting at approximately 20/25°C near the floor and increasing to 40/50°C at head height.

Perspiration is less intense than in a very hot and dry environment like a sauna, but in general more bearable conditions allow a longer treatment period and therefore the loss of liquid through perspiration can actually be greater.

Effects of the steam bath

Thanks to the steam and mountain pine essence, you will feel your lungs open as soon as you enter, your respiratory system will be cleared and any phlegm or mucus will be dissolved.
After your first three breaths you will already be able to breathe better.

The steam and heat help blood and lymphatic circulation by dissolving toxins and promoting their expulsion through the pores of the skin: the heat and humidity cause your pores to open. So if you apply a hydrating cream after the Turkish bath, it will be absorbed more effectively by the skin.