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Enveloped in heat: close your eyes
Feel the warmth seep through to your heart.

The rite of the sauna

Temperature 80-90 C°- heat and rest

The effects of the sauna

The most obvious effect of the high temperature is perspiration, a natural mechanism that regulates body temperature. Water and toxins are eliminated through sweat, increasing the activity of the sebaceous glands. The increase in body temperature has beneficial effects on the muscles, relaxing them and decreasing tension.

During the sauna your metabolism and pulse increase, vasodilation occurs and the blood becomes less ‘viscous’: these reactions encourage the circulation of blood around the body.

The heat can also be beneficial for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses (bronchitis, sinusitis and chronic rhinitis); it can promote faster muscular recovery (easier relaxation and drainage of lactic acid), a sedative effect on nerve endings and improved recovery of the peripheral circulation.

Above all, the next day your skin will feel soft and velvety, your muscles toned and you will be full of energy. You have to try it to believe it!