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Relax and free your mind of all thoughts:
feel free to fly – to dream.

Relax with natural essence

Swiss pine wood
It is no accident that the floor is made in Swiss pine wood.

Swiss pine wood contains vitamin C, essential oils, resin and turpentine.
Swiss pine wood possesses very special characteristics: it has a positive and calming influence, transmits patience and improves concentration.

Inhaling the perfume of Swiss pine wood significantly improves the quality of your sleep; it relaxes and encourages psychophysical recovery in situations of fatigue and stress.

Enveloped in orange: physical and mental energy – activity – creativity

Why orange?
Orange is a ‘warm’ colour made from the combination of red and yellow rays. Situated in between these two colours, it has a warming, cheering and energising action. This colour liberates physical and mental functions and has an important influence on the integration and distribution of energy.

Orange stimulates movement, independence and self-confidence, freeing us from fears, frustrations, inhibitions and conditioning.

A cup of herbal tea

Herbal teas are a valuable aid to wellness: they help to purify the body (detoxifying herbal teas), drain liquids (diuretic herbal teas against water retention, useful to decrease swelling) and are restorative and relaxing. To reap the benefits of herbal teas, the infusions must be drunk at precise key moments during the day. After the herbal tea it is recommended that you lie down, cover yourself with a towel and relax for a while.