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Relax body and mind, revive yourself and regain your strength, rediscover yourselves and take a little ‘me time’. Rested and active, ready to face life.”

Take some time for yourself at the ‘The light of wellness’ wellness centre.

Wellness time: just a trend or true wellness?
Wellness is not merely about relaxing; it is a way of life. Wellness and inner energy: one of the main advantages for people who adopt this lifestyle is the sensation of ‘feeling in shape’ and, through the release of natural endorphins, the rediscovery of your good-humour and enthusiasm.

New-found energy helps you overcome moments of fatigue and tackle every situation with increased vitality and passion: aiming for and achieving increasingly ambitious objectives at work, renewed joy and passion for even the small things in life with your family, emanating energy and enthusiasm. For you personally the psychological benefits caused by a wellness lifestyle translate into improved mood and explosive daily energy.

Rediscovering your equilibrium and being in tune with yourself is the key to interacting positively with the environment and the people around you. Wellness is your present and future health. This allows us to maintain our maximum psycho-physical capacity, laying the foundations for a serene and efficient maturity.

How to gain inner energy:

air, water, nature, THE DOLOMITES transmit this vital energy.